Terminal Block 2-pin > RCA male
with screw fixing
Terminal Block 2-pin > RCA male
with screw fixing
Article details
Our network accessories transmit signals in top quality and speed. High-quality materials, robust housings and precisely fitting contacts distinguish our portfolio of jack sockets, plugs and couplings. Goobay always provides the perfect products for your network needs - whether you aim to set up a home or company network. Simply. All. You need!
  • RCA to terminal block adapter for quick wiring stripped cable ends
  • Terminal block with screw mounting, suitable for individual installation solutions
  • Ideally suited for test set-ups, audio purposes of hobbyists, DIY and alarm systems
  • Adapter with RCA plug and 5.0 mm contact spacing
  • Contacting: 2-pin terminal block
Technical specifications
Connection, type
RCA male
Connection 2, type
Terminal Block 2-pin
Packaging type
Consumption Unit
10 pcs. in polybag
Packing units:
10 / 100 / 500 / 1000
Item: 76740
EAN: 4040849767401
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