LED Night Light with Motion Detector
cool white, 120° detection, 5 m range, for indoor use (IP20)
LED Night Light with Motion Detector
cool white, 120° detection, 5 m range, for indoor use (IP20)
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Our motion detectors for indoor and outdoor use reliably turn on the light when detecting people and animals in the dark or in the twilight. Different ranges and detection areas allow you to select the perfect motion detector for your individual needs. Goobay lights up your world. Simply. All. You need!
  • Compact LED sleeping light provides sufficient light at night in the bathroom, hallway, living room and children's room.
  • Control via an infrared motion detector with a 120° detection angle and a range of 5 m (PIR sensor).
  • Easy and safe handling: Simply plug the night light (Europlug type C, CEE 7/16) into a socket.
  • As soon as there is no more movement in the room or in the detection range, the socket light switches off automatically.
  • LED night light is quickly ready for use as sensitivity, range and switch-off time are preset.
Technical specifications
Connection, type
Euro male (Type C CEE 7/16)
Power consumption
1.1 W
luminous source
light emitting diode (LED)
Luminous color
cool white
Number of LEDs
color temperature
6500 K
operating voltage
230 V (AC)
sensor type
passive infrared (PIR)
weighted energy consumption
1.1 kWh/1.000 h
max view angle
120 °
Installation height from
0.25 m
Installation Height up to
1.5 m
max. detection range
5 m
recommended installation height
0.25 - 1.5 m
No-load power consumption
1 W
protection class
Appliance Class
CE, WEEE, Haus
Energy efficiency rating
A+ 874/2012/EU
Packaging type
Retail Box
Dimensions / Weight
69 mm
121 mm
82 mm
Consumption Unit
1 pc. in cardboard box
accessory - Power supply
Power frequency
50 Hz
Language Scope
Operation manual
en, de, fr, it, es, nl, da, se, pl, cz
en, de, fr, it, es, nl, da, sv, pl, cs
Packing units:
1 / 25 / 50
Item: 96500
EAN: 4040849965005
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