Jack - 3.5 mm - stereo
10x 3.5 mm jack sockets (3-pin, stereo)
Jack - 3.5 mm - stereo
10x 3.5 mm jack sockets (3-pin, stereo)
Article details
Goobay always provides the perfect electronic accessories for your audio applications, e.g. for hobby sound studios, home cinema evenings with the family or music sessions among friends. Our products transmit top-quality audio signals for a crystal-clear sound experience. The robust construction and high-quality materials of our connection cables, adapters, converters and audio plugs create an impressive entertainment experience. Simply. All. You need!
  • Jack socket for soldering, for cable assembly
  • For connecting devices with 3.5 mm jack plug, e.g. headphones or headsets
  • AUX coupling transmits high-quality audio signals
  • Sturdy hexagonal plastic housing with bend protection prevents cable breakage under mechanical loads
  • Connectors with 3-pin assignment for a great musical experience
  • Standardised, precision-fit 3.5 mm AUX socket for minimum transmission resistance and clear sound
  • The Goobay audio connection is only suitable for hobbyists.
Technical specifications
Connection, type
3.5 mm female (3-pin, stereo)
Packaging type
Consumption Unit
10 pcs. in polybag
Packing units:
10 / 100 / 1000 / 2000
Item: 11059
EAN: 4040849110597
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