From the region, for the region.

Wentronic has its roots in Braunschweig. We are enthusiastic about sports, appreciate local ties and honour the people of the region where we live and work. Our commitment is manifold. In sports, yellow and blue in any case – in football and basketball.

Basketball Löwen

Top partner of first division basketball since 2001 and always in the stands.
Let’s go, Braunschweig, let’s go!

Eintracht Braunschweig

Since 2013 Pool 100 partner of Eintracht Braunschweig and regularly in thestands and in front of the television. Always passionate and committed.

Environmentally conscious management

We take a critical look at the challenges of environmental and climate protection. About global developments and also about our role in the big picture. We are aware that there is much that we can still optimize, and we have already begun to make many decisions and are certainly not letting up.


Energy from above

Since winter 2019, our headquarters has been supplied with self-produced solar power from our own roof.


Recycling and resource conservation

We avoid hazardous substances in production, reduce standby consumption of equipment, dispose of waste properly and recycle with great awareness.

Green because it's right

The 3sixT BioFleck Case consists exclusively of plant materials and is fully compostable. Well thought-out from start to finish: the packaging is also 100% recyclable and free of plastic.